Even though there are many apps available to keep track of scheduling and so forth for some of us we just like to write things down. No problem. This 2017-2018 Pocket Planner works great to keep track of your service schedule and your field service activity. It is available in two styles with the same inside pages.

  • Designed for the 2017-2018 service year beginning in September 2017.
  • Keep track of your service schedule, return visit appointments, and more.
  • Each page has a schedule for one week.
  • Contains 12 Field Service Record pages, one for each month, which let you keep track of your service on a daily basis.
  • Contains a Monthly Totals and Service Year Summary page so that you can track your progress throughout the year.
  • Contains a list of Non-Witness Holidays and Observances so that you can plan your service schedule accordingly.
  • Size is 4″ (wide) x 6″ (tall)


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