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Hello! We are a husband and wife team living in Waterville, Maine. In February 2018 we moved here from Southwest Missouri. While trying to keep things simple, we strive to offer useful items for the friends to use in the ministry and at home.

To make our products available we have teamed up with some top manufacturers of printed goods, disaster go bags, books, and more. Nearly all of our items are custom produced for each order. This gives us the opportunity to offer a wide variety of products made especially for the friends while maintaining high quality.


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Abigail handles customer service, order fulfillment and many other tasks. She worked for JC Penny for over 17 years before she and Jerad were married and has much experience in retail and customer service.

In the past she has pioneered for several years and helped to start a foreign language congregation in Oklahoma. In addition to working on many RBC projects, in 2006 she went to New Orleans to help with hurricane Katrina relief.

Though in recent years health problems, including chronic kidney stones, have prevented her from pioneering, she still maintains a pioneer spirit and always looks for ways to encourage others in the congregation.




Jerad handles the website and all other IT related tasks. He grew up working at Stoops Manufacturing Company and developed the website there as well as doing all of the graphic design for the last 15 years it was in business.

In the past he pioneered for several years and has reached out for other privileges in service as well. In addition to working on many RBC projects he has worked with seldom worked territory groups and “need greating” in Mexico in the English field.

He looks forward to getting back into the pioneer work and hopes to be able to “need great” again with Abigail in the future.

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