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Frequently Asked Questions

I only received part of my order. Where are the other items?
If you have multiple items on your order there is a good chance that they will ship separately. As noted in the product descriptions some items take much longer than others to ship. Once the other items on your order ship we will send you the tracking number for those items.
Why haven't I received an order confirmation?
There’s two main reasons why this happens. One is that it has ended up in your spam folder so please check that to see if you received it. The other reason is that perhaps your email address was entered incorrectly on your order. If it’s not in your spam folder send us a message here and we can correct your email address and send you your confirmation.
What is your phone number?
We do not have a phone number for orders or customer service. Why is that? We are trying to keep our business very simple and keep costs down. By handling all communication via our website and email we can reduce costs and have a more flexible schedule so that we can pursue spiritual goals.
Can you send me a catalog?
We do not have catalogs available. They are very expensive and time consuming to produce and we are endeavoring to keep our business simple so that we can pursue spiritual goals. Our products are available through our website which gives you the most up to date information.
Do you have a brick and mortar store?
We do not have a brick and mortar store.


Contact - For General Inquiries Only

Please note: While we try to reply to messages as soon as possible, we do not answer emails on weekends or after normal business hours. Also, we try to schedule time in service during the week so we are unavailable during those times as well. We do not contact customers by phone or have a business phone number to call into. Thank you for your patience!

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