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 Due to the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic:

  • As we have shifted our entire focus on shipping, we are not able to get back to you right away.
  • Social media does not handle customer service. That is handled here on this page.
  • The entire survival product industry (not just us) has been affected by the unprecedented global pandemic. This means it may take us time to get your order shipped out to you. We ask that you be patient, as we are being patient with the situation, too.
  • Our focus is on shipping out products. We are no longer answering redundant questions that are answered in our FAQ. All our focus is on shipping your order.
  • Read the FAQ BEFORE you fill out a support ticket.
  • Please, treat our customer service with kindness, dignity and respect. We appreciate your full cooperation in this matter.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my order ship?

We cannot give or guarantee shipping times at this point due to COVID-19

Where's my order?

The current world conditions (COVID-19) may have delayed your shipment. We are asking you to be patient as we are being patient.

How can I check on the status or get an update on my order?

You can look at your order in your account. 

What does the order status "Preparing to Ship" mean?

It means that your order is most likely shipping within the next 5-10 business days.

What does the order status "Processing" mean?

“Processing” means we have received your order and are working on getting to shipping it to you.

What does the order status "Completed" mean?

it means that your order has shipped. You can find your tracking number by checking your email or by clicking on the order notes in your account.

I made a support ticket and haven't heard back. Why is that?

We will not respond to questions that are answered in our FAQ’s as we are prioritizing  shipping.

Also, we do not respond to hateful, sarcastic or otherwise non-upbuilding Customer Support Tickets.


How can I cancel an order?

If you must cancel an order, you can fill out a support ticket below. Once you have been approved for a cancellation you will receive a credit to the card used in the original transaction.

An order cannot be canceled once it enters the “Preparing to Ship” status. If it has entered the “Preparing to Ship” phase, or it has been shipped or “Completed”, you must do a return instead of a cancellation.

Cancellations are not automatic, they must be approved. Just because a cancellation has been requested does not mean that an order is cancelled.

What is your phone number?

We do not have a phone number for orders or customer service. If you need to contact us please do so below. This helps both us and you as everything is in writing.

How do I return an item?

You must first contact us by filling out a support ticket or replying to your current support ticket. See our Return/Refunds policy for more information.

What if my order arrives damaged?

You must first contact us by filling out a support ticket or replying to your current support ticket. See our Return/Refunds policy for more information.

I received an item with at least one part of the item that was substituted. Why is that?

Sometimes, we substitute an item with a similar or better item. We do this to expedite shipping.

Do you guarantee delivery times?

We do not guarantee delivery times on regular shipping. See Below for next day shipping on gift baskets.

I only received part of my order. Where are the other items?

If you have multiple items on your order there is a good chance that they will be shipped separately. As noted in the product descriptions some of our items are custom or handmade. We also ship from several different fulfillment centers. Once an item on your order ship we will send you the tracking number for that particular item.

How does next day shipping work on gift baskets?

All orders placed on Saturday and Sunday ship on the next business day. Orders placed Monday through Friday prior to 1:00 PM CST ship the same day, unless it is a holiday. Orders placed after 1:00 PM CST ship the next business day. Business days do not include holidays or weekends. No exceptions.

Not all gift baskets ship Next Day. Only gift baskets that are clearly labeled in the title  with next day shipping ship next day and in cold packaging. This ship time is not a guarantee due to unforeseen occurrences.

We appreciate that you have taken the time to read through our FAQ’s. If your question was not answered please reach out to us and fill out a customer support ticket.

Please note: We do not answer tickets everyday. Please allow a few days for your ticket to be answered. We do not contact customers by phone or have a business phone number to call into. Thank you for your patience!

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