Convention and Assembly Seat Saver – Style #1 (5 pack)


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Hello! So, we made an interesting discovery not long after going completely digital with the publications for meetings, assemblies and conventions.  We didn’t have anything to save our seats with.* All  we had were our electronic devices. This venue didn’t allow us to bring our food inside the auditorium, so we didn’t have our lunch cooler to leave in our seat. We didn’t want to leave our valuables such as a purse, wallet, or electronic devices to save our seat either. We wanted to walk around and visit with our brothers and sisters, but we were sure we wouldn’t have seats when the program started. That’s where the seat saver comes in. It is folded in half so that you can put it in on or in your seat to save it.

  • 5 x 7 inches.
  • High quality cardstock.
  • Envelope included.

Please note: These cards are made to order. Please allow a few days for production.

*People who we have been given permission to save seats for:

  • Yourself
  • Those traveling with you in the same vehicle
  • Those living with you in the same home
  • Those currently studying the Bible with you
  • km 4/15 p. 5-6 and “Convention Reminders” video on


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