Hello! It is coming up on the time of year where we get reminders to go over our disaster preparedness plan and check to make sure our disaster go bags are ready and up to date. This has been particularly on our minds lately since our move from Southwest Missouri to Southern Maine. In Southwest Missouri tornado season is approaching and here in Maine we’ve already had two winter storms this month. I’m looking out the window at heavy snowfall and snow plows on the road as I type this right now. It certainly highlights the importance of being ready in the event of a disaster.

We were talking with our friends recently about updating our go bags and a theme that came up repeatedly was the time and cost involved in doing this. While the time and cost is certainly worth it to be ready for a disaster, that got us wondering if possibly we could offer pre-assembled go bags at a nice price to help save some time and money. Happily, we are now able to offer our first two disaster go bag kits! These are basic go bags and the food and water in them have a 5-year shelf life, and are meant to provide nutrition for 72 hours. You can easily customize them by adding other items that are appropriate to your area. One go bag is for one person and the other is for two people. Check them out by clicking on the product links below. The prices shown include free shipping as well! We look forward to adding more in the future.

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